Our tableware partners


The Faïmar factory based in Romania was founded in 1979. The factory has 150 employees and produces a wide range of crockery and vases. A major player in the Tableware sector, the factory is in constant movement to adapt to the latest trends.


The Graupera factory, based in Spain, is specialized in terracota. Their products are made from 100% natural materials. Graupera offers a wide range of products, easily identifiable and recognized around the world.


Our partner Kütahya Porselen in Turkey was founded in 1970. Today, with 50 million pieces per year production capacity and 150 different pattern choices, Kütahya Porselen is one of the biggest three manufacturers of Europe.


Lubiana was founded on September 1969. The factory produce hard white porcelain. They have their own design and construction centres, which gives them a great dynamic for new developments. Lubiana offers 80 designs, about 2 000 shapes and over 3 000 decorations.